Border Angels Annual Awards Dinner

Hola amigos.

Thanks for your continued support as we again come to end of another incredible year. Border Angels continues to grow not only on the US/Mexico border but internationally as well. this year we once again opened “The Door of Hope/Puerta de la Esperanza” at on our children’s day celebration families were allowed to hug for the first time, or first time in a long time at Friendship Park. Love has no borders.

We continue to welcome refugee children from Central America and are working closer than ever with our African migrant brethren as they search for a better life on their trek to “el Norte” on European soil. This year more than ever we have expanded our “I love Mexico campaign” as only love, can love overcome hate.

This year our annual Border Angels dinner will be November 7 at San Diego’s Bayfront Wyndham Hotel as we honor two incredible individuals who have dedicated their lives to social justice, Julie Rodriquez Chavez and Peter Schey Esq. Julie is the grand daughter of legendary Cesar Chavez and Latino liaison for President Obama at the Whitehouse, her work and dedication to serving others is outstanding. Peter is director of Human Rights Center in Los Angeles and led legal battles against proposition 187 and has successfully defended community time and time again as he has stood on the side of justice for a lifetime.

Please join us in honoring the work of Julie, Peter and others that make our work possible so we can continue to open the door of hope for social justice. Justicia y Amor, Si se puede.

Enrique Morones,
Executive Director and Founder,
Border Angels

More info: 2015 Border Angels Dinner Form