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KUSI: San Diego People – Border Fence Issues

KUSI News – San Diego, CA “There is a tremendous amount of misinformation in that story. The terminology, for example, we call it a “wall”, we don’t call anybody an ‘illegal human being’, ‘illegal immigrant’. These are people. They might be undocumented. But they are not illegal human beings. Terminology

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Truthdig: Poetry Built for Survival on the U.S.- Mexico Border

A GPS cellphone safety-net tool has been developed for navigating and surviving a U.S. – Mexico border crossing. It includes life-saving information such as a navigation system that directs immigrants to water jugs left by various organizations including Border Angels. The technology, which includes a free GPS applet, was developed

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The Orion: Cemetery of the ‘Not Forgotten’

Border Angels founder Enrique Morones explains the grave reality of the harsh condition’s migrants face when crossing the desert. All too often, these migrants including children do not make it to the other side. “Morones leads the Border Angels two hours east of San Diego on pilgrimages to pay homage

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