August 20, 2016 at 10:00 am 2258 Island Ave, San Diego, CA RSVP on Facebook

August Water Drop

With the help of volunteers like yourself, Border Angels leaves dozens of gallon jugs of water in the desert along high-traffic migrant paths. Why? Since 1994, more than 11,000 sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, husbands and wives have died from dehydration in their attempt to across our increasingly militarized border. Our water helps reduce the 500+ deaths every year.
On this water drop we will have 2 different routes, a Standard Hike and an Advanced Hike. The Advanced Hike is for experienced hikers only.
What to bring:
1 or 2 gallon plastic jugs of water to place in the desert.
Backpack with the items listed below.
Plenty of water for yourself to drink, at least 2 liters/0.5 gallon.
Sports drink, or electrolyte powder or jellies for energy.
Snack eg. energy bars, sandwich, trail mix etc.
Advanced hikers: camelback
If you need a ride, bring $5 for your driver to help cover gas.
IMPORTANT: Bring your I.D./Drivers Licence, DACA or DAPA volunteers must bring their work authorization card as we pass through a border checkpoint.

What to wear:
Sturdy, closed toed, shoes or boots
Long pants to prevent scrapes/cuts from rocks, branches and cactuses.
Sunscreen, a hat and long sleeves if you burn easily.
Optional: Sunglasses, lip balm, bandana/scarf/towel to wipe away sweat, tissues

We will meet at the Sherman Heights Community Center at 10:00am. From here we will carpool out to the desert. If you need a ride, bring $5 for your driver. Remember to eat breakfast before you meet up with us. Please try and arrive 15 minutes early to find parking. We will then head out to the Jacumba Hot Springs Shell gas station for bathroom use, food, coffee, and a view of the border wall. Finally, we drive to the chosen water drop location in the Jacumba Wilderness. Expect a round trip hike of 1 to 3 miles (standard hike) or 3 to 5 miles (advanced hike) in hot weather. We return to the Community Center around 4 pm. The Advanced Hike could go on later than this. For your own safety do not attempt the Advanced Hike if you are not an experienced hiker, and if you do not have the appropriate attire and supplies. Instead go on the Standard Hike.
Date: Saturday August 20th
Time: 10:00am (We should be back around 4pm)
Meetup Location: Sherman Heights Community Center
2258 Island Ave.
San Diego, CA 92102
(From here we will carpool to the desert)