The Orion: Cemetery of the ‘Not Forgotten’


Border Angels founder Enrique Morones explains the grave reality of the harsh condition’s migrants face when crossing the desert. All too often, these migrants including children do not make it to the other side.

“Morones leads the Border Angels two hours east of San Diego on pilgrimages to pay homage to the hundreds buried in Holtville when they receive permission to do so every five to six weeks. They pray, reflect and sometimes hold mass there; leaving stones, flowers and crosses, comforting the dead and unknown bodies of not just male adult migrants, but also women and children.

They are accompanied by activists, strangers and doe-eyed college students who are aware of the situations of undocumented immigrants but come to see it first-hand. Men and women from all walks of life routinely begin to sob or break into tears as they soak in the enormity of what lies in the ground below their feet”.

September 20, 2016.