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“When I was hungry, did you give me to eat? When I was thirsty, did you give me to drink?” – Matthew 25:35

It’s harder to find a more passionate advocate for Latino issues in America than Border Angels founder Enrique Morones. Prior to this he was the Vice President of Latino & International Marketing for San Diego’s professional baseball team – The Padres.

Since 1986, Enrique has dedicated his life to the prevention of thousands of migrant deaths that happen on the US-Mexican border. Inspired by his faith, and a chance meeting with Ethel Kennedy (the widow of Robert Kennedy), he has given a human face to countless migrants, offering them compassion in the form of food, water, clothing, education and advocacy.

A proud American, and even prouder Mexican, he was the first person to gain dual United States and Mexican nationality in 1998.

In 2006, Enrique led a caravan of thousands of activists, protesters and ordinary American citizens across the country in the first “Marcha Migrante”, the event that sparked massive demonstrations across the country and the “immigrant spring”. A Marcha Migrante has been held every year since to educate and inform middle America of the plight of migrants while demanding humane immigration reform.

Enrique has been a constant face in the Media on all issues related to migration; and is the “go-to expert” whenever a major immigration issue faces America, from aftermath of the firestorms in San Diego, to the migration of refugee children in Texas from Central America in 2014. He has been featured by almost every major media organization nationwide, as well as locally including, but not limited to: The Today Show, Larry King Live, The O’Reilly Factor, Don Francisco’s “Sabado Gigante” and even taking the infamous Lou Dobbs to task for his anti-migrant prejudice.

Enrique has been acknowledged for his leadership both the public and private sectors, to advancing Latino culture and as a passionate advocate for human rights.

  • Creator of the first ever department of Latino Marketing in Major League Sports in 1995.
  • Founder of the House of Mexico in Balboa Park, San Diego
  • Winner of Mexican Human Rights Award in 2009 by President Felipe Calderon as well as Mexico’s Othli’s Award.
  • First person to gain dual nationality for both Mexico and the United States of America in a ceremony with Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo in 1998.
  • Named in the Mexican Council’s top 25 Mexicans in history of San Diego for their influence in the region.
  • Named one of Hispanic Business Magazine’s “most influential” Latinos in the United States of America.
  • Named one of San Diego Magazine’s “50 People to Watch”.
  • One of the first generation of US based advisors to Mexican President Vincente Fox know as CCIME “The Institute of Mexicans Abroad” and director of the Border Commission in 2003.

For more information about Enrique, please read his book “The Power of One: The Story of Border Angels”, co written with Ricardo Griswold del Castillo PhD., published by San Diego State University Press or watch a short documentary by the University of San Diego after awarding him the Bishop Charles Francis Buddy Award for Contributions to Humanitarian Causes available here:

About Border Angels
Founded by Enrique Morones in 1986, Border Angels is an all volunteer, non profit 501(c)(3) organisation. Border Angels advocates for human rights, humane immigration reform, and social justice with a special focus on those issues related on Latino issues on the US-Mexican border. Border Angels core areas of focus are:

Education and advocacy regarding migration and border issues
Migrant outreach to prevent harm, mainly through water drops in the desert as well as distributing food and hygiene products to migrant day labourers in the San Diego region.
Providing free immigration consulting to migrant families in both Spanish and English.

Border Angels works to dispel the various myths surrounding immigration in the United States and to bring back truth and justice.

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What other people are saying about Enrique Morones:

“When it comes to immigration, Enrique Morones is our moral authority.”

Assemblyman Gil Cedillo. Author, California Dream Act

“Enrique Morones’ story is remarkable and needs to be told. He is a man of conscience who stands up to the injustice by simply being on the side of love and human dignity. Let us rejoice that an angel walks among us in this fight for truth, immigration reform and justice for all.”

Josefina Lopez, playwright and activist. Author, Real Women Have Curves.

“Enrique Morones is the finest example of the Si Se Puede attitude in service to those who risk their lives in search of a better life.”

Arturo Rodriguez, President, United Farm Workers of America

“My father, Cesar Chavez, led heroic grape workers around Delano, California in the longest continuing farmworker strike in U.S. history in a profound statement of non-cooperation with a farm labor system that exploits and impoverishes mostly immigrant farm workers. Today, courageous members of the Border Angels are honoring the legacy of my father by making a powerful statement against inhumanity and oppression endured on our border by innocent immigrants.”

Paul F. Chavez, President, Cesar Chavez Foundation (619) 269-7865