Truthdig: Poetry Built for Survival on the U.S.- Mexico Border

Photo by Kevin Dooley

Photo by Kevin Dooley

A GPS cellphone safety-net tool has been developed for navigating and surviving a U.S. – Mexico border crossing. It includes life-saving information such as a navigation system that directs immigrants to water jugs left by various organizations including Border Angels.

The technology, which includes a free GPS applet, was developed to augment low-cost cellphones to provide poetry and a simple navigation system that leads immigrants to water caches left by Water Station, Border Angels and Quaker help centers. It also provides geographic locations of highways and other landmarks used for navigating and surviving a border crossing. It repurposes inexpensive, used mobile phones that have GPS antennae. Its software aspires to guide “the tired, the poor” and the dehydrated citizens of the world to sites with water, and also offers poetic audio “sustenance.”

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